Howard C. Cohen & Associates — Lawyers Specializing In Criminal And Civil Law

The Toronto law firm of Howard C. Cohen & Associates specializes in practicing criminal and civil law concurrently. Howard C. Cohen has been recognized as a Certified Specialist in criminal law by the Law Society of Upper Canada for close to 20 years. Our associate lawyer, Jessica Parise's practice encompasses both areas of law and prioritizes protecting client's rights during civil and criminal proceedings.

Mr. Cohen and Ms. Parise have built a full-service practice and provide legal assistance to clients with any trial matter before the court. As a result of our proficiency in criminal and civil law, our firm has the capability of representing clients in multiple complex proceedings.

Depth Of Experience In Wide Variety Of Complex Cases

Our lawyers have experience in practising civil and criminal law contemporaneously. We can effectively represent clients who are involved in several legal matters that are before criminal and civil courts, as well as administrative tribunals.

We understand how clients' rights differ in criminal proceedings in comparison to civil proceedings. We have the knowledge and skills to navigate those competing rights to safeguard our clients. Our lawyers have been involved in many complex cases and are well-versed in protecting clients' interests for each of their matters. We also understand the complexities of the courts and know how to navigate them to pursue fair results.

Tell Us About Your Legal Issue

It is prudent to contact a lawyer as soon as you have been charged with an offence or you have been served with documents pertaining to a lawsuit. Our lawyers have the knowledge required to provide you with a strong defence for multiple legal matters. Call our office at 1-800-318-1553 or email us.

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