Experienced Criminal And Civil Law Appeals Lawyers

When individuals are not successful in a criminal or civil matter, they may have the option of appealing the decision.

The Toronto lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates specialize in representing clients in civil and criminal matters, including appeals. We have the trial experience and skills to provide clients with strong representation for their appeal matter that aims for optimal outcomes.

Understanding Appeals

When you are unsuccessful at trial, that does not automatically mean you are entitled to an appeal. An appeal is granted for the purposes of reviewing a lower court decision. It can only be made in certain circumstances, which include:

  • The judge or tribunal administrator made an error
  • Evidence was improperly admitted
  • Instances of bias were found
  • The jury was improperly instructed

Our proficiency in criminal and civil laws means we understand the requirements that lead to the filing of a successful appeal. We will carefully examine the trial proceedings, identify mistakes made during the trial and provide clients with an assessment of success on appeal.

Guiding Clients Through The Appeals Process

The appeals process requires knowledge of court processes and procedures and compliance with strict deadlines to file documents with the court.

Our lawyers have experience in handling appeals on behalf of our clients for years. We understand the filing process, both at civil and criminal court, and carefully guide clients through these proceedings. We are cognizant of the strict appeal deadlines and aim to process your appeal efficiently, so that we can focus on successfully representing your interests in court.

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