A Strategic Approach To Civil Litigation

Civil lawsuits and administrative proceedings do not always exist in isolation. Often when individuals or businesses face these types of lawsuits, it is a result of criminal proceedings or investigations. In these cases, it is important to hire lawyers who have experience with both criminal and civil law to represent you.

The lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates have represented clients in civil and criminal law matters for over 40 collective years. We understand the importance of thorough trial preparation and careful analysis of the facts for proceedings in civil court. We recognize the competing interests in both areas of law and know how to successfully navigate them for our clients. This enables us to develop effective defence strategies that strive for optimal resolutions in each of our clients' matters.

Our Approach To Law

Often, a civil action arises as a result of a criminal investigation or a conviction. Our lawyers can represent you in civil litigation and criminal court, due to our extensive experience in both areas of law.

We understand the complexities of each process and how they affect complainants, plaintiffs or defendants. For instance, when it comes to disclosure requirements, a defendant has the right to remain silent in criminal matters. In civil matters, a defendant is obliged to disclose information during a discovery. Navigating these differences can make a substantial difference in the defendant's criminal and/or civil case.

Our lawyers practise both criminal and civil law and understand the difference between both forums, which ultimately ensures our clients' rights are always protected. Backed by our knowledge of both areas of law, we are able to provide clients with a unified strategy for all their matters that protects their rights and interests in both criminal and civil matters.

Our Strength Is Our Ability To Represent Clients In A Broad Range Of Matters

Our lawyers' decades of experience in civil and criminal law means they have represented clients before many levels of court and administrative tribunals. This diverse experience has resulted in a proven track record of success. We have developed this reputation by representing clients in many cases, including:

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