Assault Cases

Assault can be charged as an indictable offence with offenders facing up to five years in prison, or even up to 14 years for an "aggravated" assault (an assault that "wounds, maims, disfigures, or endangers the victim). Regardless of whether you are convicted of an assault in criminal court, you may also be sued in civil court if the assault resulted in bodily harm to another.

The lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates regularly advise and represent clients in all legal problems that stem from a criminal assault charge. Defences we have successfully used include:

  • Identity: You were not the person who assaulted the complainant
  • Self defence: You were attacked or threatened and were defending yourself
  • Defence of others or property: For example, someone broke into your home and you were defending your property or your family
  • Consent: The other person agreed to participate in an activity that resulted in the assault