Domestic Assault

If police are called to the scene of a domestic dispute, someone will be arrested. The officers have no discretion. Those arrested for domestic violence, assault or abuse will face serious immediate and long-term consequences.

A call to police complaining of domestic violence sets into motion a series of events that cannot be turned back without legal help. After the arrest, you will most likely be required to leave your home and have no contact or communication with family members. You will not be treated equally in child custody or visitation decisions or in divorce proceedings. This is all in addition to fines and possible incarceration.

The lawyers of Howard C. Cohen & Associates regularly advise and represent male and female clients who were arrested for domestic violence. We also represent those who face legal issues in civil or matrimonial court that are related to a domestic violence arrest.

Because our lawyers are experienced in working in both criminal and family court, we have always successfully reunited families when both spouses wish to do so for the benefit of the family.