Combined Decades Of Experience Defending Clients Against Drug Charges

Whether you have been arrested for drug possession or are being investigated as part of a major drug-related prosecution, you can rely on Howard C. Cohen & Associates. Our Toronto lawyers have decades of collective experience representing clients facing drug-related offences for marijuana, cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine, methamphetamine, prescription medications and other substances as outlined in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Using Our Extensive Knowledge Base For Your Benefit

Because of our extensive experience in complex drug trials, including conspiracy cases, wiretap cases, and cases involving constitutional search and seizure issues, the lawyers of Howard C. Cohen & Associates are able to spot weaknesses in a seemingly strong prosecution case, even at the bail hearing stage. Our lawyers know how to use their extensive experience in this area to assist arrested persons obtain bail, and release from jail, following an arrest for drug crimes.

Representing Clients On A Wide Range Of Drug Charges

The initial offences you are charged with at the time of the arrest may not be the only ones you face. More charges may be added once the police gather any wire-tap evidence and other evidence.

We have a proven track record of success that allows us to handle any type of drug charge, no matter the complexity. Our lawyers can also defend clients on multiple charges in civil matters arising out of criminal charges. Backed by this diverse experience, we are able to devise a unified strategy that provides optimal outcomes for our clients.

We defend clients from all drug charges, including those involving:

•Drug possession

•Possession of the precursors to drugs

•Possession for the purpose of trafficking

•The sale of drugs or the offer to sell or give drugs to another

•Drug manufacture or cultivation, including meth labs and marijuana grow operations

•Exporting or importing of drugs

•Drug doping

•Unlawful possession of prescription medications and "double doctoring"

•Conspiracy to commit any drug crime, even if the offence is never accomplished

Consult With Us About Your Charges

Seeking experienced legal advice is indispensable when you are facing serious drug charges. Our lawyers have defended complex drug cases. We can help you avoid the worst of the harm if you contact us early in the process. Call us today at 1-800-318-1553 or email us.