Unparalleled Expertise In Firearms And Weapons Offences

The Toronto lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates are experienced in defending people charged with weapons offences. We have an extensive record of success in cases involving guns, knives and other objects that can be used as weapons.

Our senior lawyer, Howard C. Cohen, has a purchase and acquisition licence, referred to as a P.A.L. or a firearms acquisition licence. He is an avid gun owner and enthusiast and is a member of a shooting range where he attends regularly. He has extensive and intricate knowledge in the use of handguns, rifles and shotguns, and as such may be one of a mere handful of criminal defence lawyers that actually have hands-on experience in the firing of handguns.

A Conviction Can Result In Serious Punishment

There may be mandatory minimum sentences for those convicted of weapons offences, in addition to the possibility of a lifelong prohibition against owning firearms. Bail restrictions typically include the exclusion of the defendants from their homes and family. The charging of weapons offences typically result in the seizure of all hunting or other firearms and the suspension and/or revocation of all firearms licenses and firearms registration certificates. These repercussions are especially damaging for hunters or anyone whose job requires them to carry a firearm.

Defending Clients Against A Wide Range Of Weapons Charges

Do not take a chance with your future. Please contact the lawyers of Howard C. Cohen & Associates for an initial consultation if you have been arrested for any of the following weapons-related activities:

•Possession of a prohibited weapon, including nunchakus, butterfly knives, switchblades or other knives that open by gravity or centrifugal force or by pressing a button

•Possessing an unregistered, restricted firearm, such as a handgun

•Careless storage of a firearm or ammunition

•Careless use of a firearm, such as shooting at pigeons on your neighbour's house or pointing a firearm at a person

•Use of a weapon in an assault

•Use of a weapon to cause bodily harm to another

•Carrying a concealed weapon

•Pointing a firearm

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