Reliable Representation In Licensing And Discipline Cases

The Toronto lawyers of Howard C. Cohen & Associates provide comprehensive legal services to clients facing professional licensing issues. These cases may involve administrative and regulatory law, including the need for representation before a professional licensing and disciplinary tribunal or board in defence against civil lawsuits.

If your disciplinary hearing is a result of a criminal charge or a civil lawsuit, we can provide you with comprehensive representation for all matters. We create a global, unified strategy that encompasses all your legal issues and enables us to provide a strong defence. We strive to protect your professional license and provide optimal results in resolving your other legal matters.

Protecting Clients' Interests In A Range Of Disciplines

We understand that having to confront a disciplinary hearing puts your career and reputation in jeopardy. Our lawyers aim to preserve your professional license and standing. You can rely on us to defend you against allegations of misconduct, malpractice, misrepresentation and negligence.

We represent immigration consultants, doctors, lawyers, nurses, dentists, psychologists, stockbrokers, teachers and other licensed professionals who have been accused of professional misconduct. Our lawyers will create a plan of defence that is backed by a thorough analysis of the facts and evidence. Using experts, such as accountants, medical experts and forensic psychiatrist, we build a strong defence that is aimed at disproving our client committed any type of wrongdoing.

In addition to helping professionals, we also protect the interests of businesses in cases involving professional misconduct or regulatory violations. Our law firm can represent you in all aspects of such a case, defending you against any potential charges and representing your interests in any such disciplinary actions.

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