Representation For Police Officers In Complex Firearms Cases

At Howard C. Cohen & Associates, we are keenly interested in representing police officers facing criminal charges but also internal disciplinary proceedings and civil lawsuits, especially in matters concerning the use of firearms.

We have more than four decades experience defending clients in a wide range of criminal and disciplinary matters in Toronto and surrounding areas. Our lawyers' multidisciplinary approach to law enables them to defend police officers from a multitude of criminal, civil or disciplinary actions.

Police Officers Require A Good Defence

When a police officer is facing criminal charges pertaining to the use of his or her firearm, the matter is often under public scrutiny. A police officers' job, financial security and reputation are often at risk when facing charges. Criminal charges also often culminate in disciplinary hearings and could even result in a lawsuit. A strong defence in all matters is needed to have the charges withdrawn or mitigated and to protect the officer's employment.

We use a comprehensive, global strategy approach to give our clients a complete defence for each of their legal matters. If you are a police officer who is facing a disciplinary hearing and criminal charges, we can assist you with each legal issue.

Our Firearms Expertise Is Your Advantage

Mr. Cohen is keenly familiar with firearms. He is a member of the International Defensive Pistols Association, as well as a Toronto-based shooting club. Mr. Cohen also has a Possession Acquisition License for restricted and non-restricted guns.

Backed by this knowledge of guns, he understands how numerous firearms are used, discharged and stored. He can build a self-defence case that questions the reliability of a weapon. As a result, his knowledge of firearms and skills as a defence attorney are ideally suited to defend police officers and other gun owners.

Contact Us About Your Legal Matter

If you are a police officer who has been charged with a crime in connection to firearms and/or you are also facing a disciplinary hearing, call us today at 1-800-318-1553. You can also reach us through our online form.