Sexual Assault Offences

Many people arrested for sexual assault fail to understand the serious and lasting consequences of conviction. Prosecutors will seek extended periods of incarceration, but jail or prison time is only the beginning. The name of everyone who is convicted of sexual assault is entered into a sexual offender registry and can stay there for years — sometimes for life. Registered sex offenders are prohibited from entering the U.S. They can find it difficult if not impossible to get a job or a place to live. A conviction can also negatively impact your parental rights to child custody, visitation or your ability to attend certain public places.

Our lawyers will work diligently to minimize the potential consequences of a sexual assault charge in all areas of the law and in your life. We represent men, women, adults and minors charged with sexual assault, aggravated sexual assault and sexual assault with a weapon.

If you have been charged with sexual assault, or any other sex crime, please contact the criminal defence lawyers of Howard C. Cohen & Associates as soon as possible. We are proud of our record of success in sexual assault cases.

Commonly, sexual assault and abuse civil claims are historic or follow a conviction of the accused in the Criminal Justice System. In Ontario, the Limitations Act, 2002 does not prescribe a limitation period on sexual assault cases, unlike other civil actions. As such, a claim for damages as a result of abuse or sexual assault may be commenced at any time. The lawyers at Howard C. Cohen and Associates are fully equipped to represent either a victim/complainant or defendant, whether the commencement of a civil claim follows a criminal court action, or, is occurring concurrently.