Navigating Clients Through Employment Issues

The lawyers at Howard C. Cohen & Associates represent employees and employers in a number of employment disputes related to allegations of misconduct and wrongful dismissal.

Commonly, an employee may be wrongfully terminated while also being involved in a police investigation or facing criminal charges related to the alleged misconduct.

Several examples of such alleged misconduct include the following:

  • Where an employee stored unlawful content on their office computer hard drive
  • Where an employee sexually assaulted a co-worker
  • Where a bookkeeper engaged in a fraudulent misappropriation of money
  • Where a nurse or caregiver assaulted a patient

Advising Clients In Situations Of Employment Termination

When criminal charges have been laid, an employee may be wrongfully terminated prior to an impartial internal investigation or being afforded the opportunity to appear before a disciplinary tribunal. Similarly, an employer might not be cognizant of their rights and obligations following employee misconduct, or might be facing serious allegations of misconduct themselves.

The lawyers at Howard C. Cohen and Associates are uniquely situated to represent either an employee or employer where there is reported misconduct and/or pending criminal charges as it relates to a disciplinary matter, a civil lawsuit, criminal defence or all three areas of litigation concurrently.

Strategic Representation For Employment Disputes

Our lawyers have decades of experience assisting employers and employees with termination issues. We have extensive experience dealing with wrongful terminations and allegations of misconduct that arise due to other criminal or disciplinary investigations.

We can strategize all of your legal matters as we have experience representing clients on a wide variety of criminal, civil and administrative issues pertaining to employment disputes. We use these skills, gained through years of practice, to provide you with a strong, comprehensive defence for your specific employment issue.

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